To start trading automatically, you need to subscribe to "CubeBase Trading Engine". From the user dashboard on the left click on the "Signals" button.

You will see your settings and subscription options and also the "Traders" button. Click on the "Traders" button, this button will expand the CubeBase Trading Engine subscription module. The subscription module works like any other subscription process over the Internet. You need to select your desired package and subscribe. Our web app will have 2 tiers of subscriptions. Both tiers require the user to hold $CUBEB tokens in their crypto wallet, with the 1st tier being easily affordable to every CUBEB holder. The subscriptions fees will be deducted from your spot account once you subscribe. After your subscription expire you will need to manually renew your membership inside the web app.

As you can see there are some differences between the packages. For the moment the trading module will run with just 2 packages. In time we will diversify our offer.

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