On this page you will find important information on how to use CubeBase Trading Engine developed by CubeBase.foundation

Important tip: $CUBEB tokens are required to access the CubeBase Trading Engine web app. To find out about $CUBEB tokens you can visit CubeBase.foundation website. To register your account you need to visit https://register.cubebase.xyz . More information about our project can be found on https://cubebase.xyz .


What is CubeBase Trading Engine?

CubeBase Trading Engine is a web-based application developed in partnership with Akea Blockchain Technologies, a software development company from Romania.

With our web app, you can trade multiple crypto pairs on the Binance exchange, using spot or futures markets, even if you don't have the knowledge to do so. CubeBase Trading Engine is designed to help out non-tech users or those who don't know how to trade. With a self-intuitive user interface, the web application will automatically open and close trades for every user.

CubeBase trading engine provides programmatic trades allowing users to make money while they are doing day-to-day activities and without knowing difficult aspects of crypto trading. Every user will benefit from different strategies, long-term trades, scalping, swing trades or day trading. Our focus will remain futures market where users can leverage tokens with 5x up to 20x.

CubeBase trading engine has an in-built system for automatic trading, with the capability of "signal user copy". The web app was designed with the help of skilful and successful traders around the globe and a very smart team of coders. CubeBase Trading Engine has a custom-built module capable of analyzing and predicting price movements in terms of technical analysis.

Please be aware that trading crypto doesn't rely solely on technical analysis.

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We have put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our crypto trading web application.

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