🛠️Getting set up

How to purchase / convert USDT (expand for more)

In order to start using CubeBase Trading Engine you need to swap your fiat money to USDT (Tether). For that you need an account to any exchange such as Binance, Coinbase, ByBit, Huobi, OKX, etc, where you can deposit fiat currency and swap it to usdt.

Using any CEX will require a verified (KYC) account.

After conversion is completed you will find your usdt in your "spot" wallet and you will need to withdraw it to the usdt wallet generated inside CubeBase Trading Engine. Also if you have assets in your DEX wallets you can use swaps like UniSwap or PancakeSwap to convert your token holdings in USDT. Make sure you will use the right network when swapping your holdings.

Step1: Deposit

Fund your account with USDT to start trading automatically

Step 2: Settings for auto-trading module

How to enable auto trading on your account

Step 3: Subscription types

What kind of subscriptions we offer

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