Automatic trading dashboard - explained

CubeBase Trading Engine is designed for the inexperienced users and at the same time can serve the experienced users too.

In this tutorial, we will cover the dashboard for inexperienced users who are interested only in automatic trading features. Being developed as a "Signal User Copy" trading type application our main concern is to check the "Signals" section.

Futures menu

In this section, you can see your active trades and closed trades.

Active trades are trades that are in two different states: waiting or opened.

Waiting trade means that the trade signal was sent but the asset didn't reach the entry point to open a position on the market.

Opened /Running trade means that the asset has reached the entry points and the trade is launched on the market.

Opened trades

Clicking on an active trade you can see trade's details such as take profits and stop loss.

Closed trades

This section will display the closed trades and their results. For a complete and comprehensive trading history you can check the "History" section within our web app. History section can be found in the "Futures" section:

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