You can request withdrawals from your CubeBase Trading Engine web app at any time using your preferred chain. As we discussed earlier "Deposit" tutorial before making a withdrawal you need to transfer funds to your "USDT spot wallet".

To start processing your withdrawal, you need to confirm the request inside your email address.

The system will email you a link and you need to click it when requesting a withdrawal. Without this email confirmation, the withdrawal request won't be taken into consideration.

After this procedure is completed our team will review your withdrawal request and contact you on your telegram user to confirm again your request. It's important not to lose your telegram username since impersonation is a classic form of attack on your funds.

Please note: our team has no access to your funds and such approval is only necessary for users' security.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USDT. A transaction fee will be applied to any withdrawal request. Please note that withdrawals can take up to 24h to be approved.

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