Our Features

CubeBase Trading Engine: Is a free to use trading app for every $CUBEB holder.

One of the safest and most powerful crypto machine

Using the CubeBase Trading Engine is as safe as using any major exchange in the crypto space. With 2FA capabilities and manually approved withdrawals after telegram chat confirmation with our team, the user's funds will never be in danger.

A compromised device will not keep your funds safe! Do not ignore device safety as 2FA codes will be generated on your mobile device. Also ensure no one else can use your telegram username and always check multiple devices connection!

Revolutionary concept of unique wallet

All of our users will appear in the Binance's order book as a single entity, making this an advantage when the market makers are hunting the liquidation levels or stop losses.

For in depth analysis about market makers you can read this article.

Using our integration layer, orders can be placed on any centralised exchange using their API REST endpoints. Funds are handled globally as our unique wallet module manages their distribution across exchanges. This means that our web app is already compatible with any exchanges that offer API REST endpoints. For the time being our trading engine works only on Binance but we have plans to integrate it for other exchanges as well.

Automated trading

Crypto trading involves a continuous need to study the market, interpret the chart, place orders, follow them through and develop a system so that human sentiments like greed or panic do not interfere with the decision process. All in all, profitable trading is not easy. Even for professional traders things can get pretty challenging.

CubeBase Trading Engine's main advantage is its automated trading capabilities. Using powerful AI combined with custom-made trading tools the web app will launch trades for every user subscribed to auto trading. The AI behind the web app will predict market conditions using mathematic programming combined with multiple technical analysis confluences.

The trading engine will launch trades, using two price targets and stop loss. Trades are managed automatically by the trading engine, but this doesn't mean that the user cannot intervene at any time to take a profit.

"Patience is the key to success"

All suggested trades by our A.I. will be supervised by our team of traders. No trades will be launched automatically without the approval of our team.

Trading history

CubeBase web app will carefully record the user's transaction history, using precise measuring and reporting tools over the trading performance.

CubeBase Trading Engine module performance is recorded and transparently displayed inside the web app.

No locked funds for waiting orders

Our trading web app is designed not to lock funds for waiting orders using the "buy the dip" module, thus preventing exchanges from locking funds for such orders.

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