About CubeBase Trading Engine user's wallet module

At the moment our web app has only a few wallets available for deposits. Users can deposit BTC, ETH, USDT and TRX on our web app.

By clicking the "wallets" button you can see all the available wallets inside our web app. The wallets are for two types of trading - spot and futures.

We will be focusing on futures trading.

In order to fund your "futures" wallet you need first to deposit funds in the "Spot" wallet. Futures trading is based only on USDT.

Deposit USDT on our web app is a self-intuitive process. You must select your USDT wallet and click on "deposit".

After clicking "deposit" you can select the network to transfer the funds. Currently, our web app has integrated erc2.0 and trc2.0 chains allowing users to choose their preferred chain.

From the user's dashboard (located on the left-hand side of the screen), you need to select "Signals" and then navigate to "Settings"

Once the deposit is done you need to wait for network confirmation to see the funds in your wallet. Your USDT wallet will be funded (spot wallet) and you need to transfer the funds to "USDT futures wallet" by clicking "transfer" button.

Make sure you use "Internal" transfer. External transfers is used to transfer funds to other users inside our web app. UPDATE: ETH deposits were disabled due to high gas fees. Please use only TRC2.0 deposits.

Congrats, you have finished funding your USDT futures wallet and now your account is nearly ready to automatically trade futures on Binance exchange using CubeBase Trading Engine.

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